Monday, October 29, 2007

Mortars overheard is freaky sounding

I'm out of cigarettes. Life has officially become miserable. Albeit I've gone back to smoking a pack and a hlaf a day, but still. I need menthol Cigarettes.

So we live here on our PB with some Iraqi Army soldiers and I gotta say, although I haven't been in a firefight with them, they're all around good people. They are some funny bastards. I've played an Iraqi version of dominoes which is a fun ass game, they've hooked me up with delicious fresh chicken and bread and good lord it's good. Here in my area we have the Concerned Local Citizen group, and for the most part, they're pretty helpful, All in all the locals around are decent seeming people, hopefully things don't take a turn for the worse.
We should've done this kinda thing in the begininng, things would've been so different..
It's fun as hell watching outgoing mortar fire from the roof. But it sucks balls when you're inside trying to sleep. Loud as shit and shakes the whole house, waking you up.

That and being on the roof when outgoing mortars fly past me from our Battalion FOB is scary sounding as shit. The whistling is unnerving

One unexpected surprised however, is the quality of the food. Effing Delicious, that's all I gotta say. Like tonight we had a choice between shrimp scampi and chicken alfredo....I mean, seriously? In a shithole PB, with combat showers, and wag bags and burn pits, and random AK fire, we have this for dinner?

But ya, I need cigarettes.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will the cig situation ever improve? How much do you pay for them at the px?

7:32 PM  
Blogger Hoots said...

Hi, guy.
I did a post about you and your blogs this morning. Your tribute to Tony Cometa came up in a search and led me to this blog.
You have a knack for saying exactly what you see and feel. Hope you're keeping some notes.
Keep up the good work.

3:47 AM  

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